Why are these gates called a section?

Sectional doors were invented in Europe 40 years ago. Since then, they have attracted the attention of users all over the world. The sectional doors also have a stable demand both from retailers and private individuals. These gates have already become a familiar element of urban landscapes. The sectional garage door is divided into garage and industry by appointment. Both can be ordered from the company.

What is the sectional door?

The name is explained by its design – they consist of sections that are connected by grinding. These sections consist of light sandwich panels. A sandwich panels have excellent operating characteristics: they are stable precipitation, temperature gradients, provide a reliable protection from mechanical damage, have low thermal conductivity.

An important feature of a sectional door is the way they are raised. They rise to the ceiling of the building where they were installed. That is, to open it, you do not need any free space outside or inside the garage. This makes it possible to use literally every inch of a garage space.

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