Tips for choosing men’s clothing – a city portal

Need to urgently run away, but nothing to wear? “The girls are all like that,” you will say and will be partly right. But today we will talk about men. Yes Yes. This is also quite a frequent case when the guy has nothing to wear. But the only difference is that the woman utters this phrase at the time of dropping a ton of things from the cabinet. But the man will say this only by glancing at the lone hangers in the wardrobe and the moth chewing the remains of the scarf. I mean, full and rounded zero.

Here comes the moment to “dress up” a little. Next, there will be a few tips, but first determine who you are?

A man in need of clothes? Have enough patience, read the tips and go shopping.
A girl / wife who dreams of a stylish companion? A man is essentially incapable of falling in love with a thing at first sight. Less haste and pressure – more chances to cope quickly and without scandal.
Friends who are ashamed to walk with a comrade from a homeless look (read “hipster”)? Tactfully start a conversation about replenishing the wardrobe. Agreed – help with word and deed. Refused – humble yourself, well, you’re not on the podium, really.
Mama? If you are the mother of a boy over 20 years old – just give him the opportunity to decide for yourself. Family relations are more expensive than any shirts and sandals.
A child who wants to invite his father to his graduation and not disgrace himself? Oh, we do not envy you. Try, look for approaches, start in advance. Remember that honesty can move mountains.

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