Self-powered houses

While the smart home, so the networked home is not yet very widespread in Germany, a whole district is built in Japan already, which may call “smart”. It consists of houses, solar cells, sensors, electronic cars and Internet-enabled appliances. Built and operated, this 420 billion expensive city by Japanese conglomerate Panasonic.

As night Email: IP cameras make monitoring easy
The city is to be sustainable for at least the next 100 years and was end of November 2014. officially opened, however, is being built until 2018. Covering an area of ​​190,000 square meters formed in 1000 flats, mainly detached houses, which will provide space for 3,000 residents. Built is the district of 420,000 inhabitants major coastal city Fujisawa 50 kilometers southwest of Tokyo.

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The design of the new “Apple Campus”

The design of the new “Apple Campus” reminiscent of a spaceship. The gigantic circular building which aptly “Spaceship” is to be obtained from 13,000 Apple employees at the end of the year. However, the construction costs will have to completion end of the year reached record numbers.

If Apple builds, then great: The building has 260,000 square meters space and has an outer circumference of 1.6 kilometers. The “Apple Campus 2” is currently being developed in Cupertino, California, designed by British star architect Norman Foster, who has designed the Wembley and the new Reichstag.

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New AVM Fritz box for future DSL

A fresh design and new technologies: The Berliner router manufacturer AVM shows at Cebit 2016 new models of its popular Fritzbox. New top model for DSL users is the Fritz box 7580 with integrated DECT PBX for IP Anschlüsse.Durch its VDSL Vectoring modem, the AVM Fritz box 7580 transferred more than 50 megabits per second via suitable connections data. The eight WLAN antennas with multi-user MIMO to enable rapid transmission even with many users on the network. The successor to the Fritz box 7490 is available from the second quarter 2016 for around 290 euros.

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Playstation-Thriller “Heavy Rain” in HD

The IMAGE games editors gambles quite a lot – not only for testing, but almost always and everywhere: new apps, download games for PC and consoles, and of course the big blockbuster games.
So our impressions not evaporate in Nirvana, we write them regularly in our BILDnerd news under the heading “What we play” on. “Heavy Rain HD”
The adventure game “Heavy Rain” was 2011 at the Playstation 3 groundbreaking: an interactive movie thriller, in which the player and especially certain parts of the plot, the end of the story itself.

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Why make games

Why make games
Today more fun than before
“The game makers run out of ideas!” Games are “too expensive”, “boring” and “full of errors”. Yes, at all: “In the past but everything was better” …
Who reads what game fans write in online forums, quickly gets the impression that these people are hopeless nostalgics and handle today’s games just with his fingertips.
Picture editor Bertram Sexton sees it quite differently. Ten reasons why computer games today are better than ever.
1. Games are cheaper: blockbuster games like “Assassin’s Creed” and “Call of Duty” today cost 50 to 70 euros. Comparable prices we paid for games in the 80s and 90s. However, the effort behind modern games is much higher. So you get a lot more for the money. Remember oodles Games, for which we had to dig deep into his pocket earlier, there are a few apps today for Euro or even umsonst.2. Games are mobile: Today we play always and everywhere. By phone, tablet or mobile consoles we can venture a game of almost any kind in the subway or on the road at any time. unthinkable 20 years ago.

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Cats Experts

No sooner have you come in the door, you beloved puss comes already with erected tail counter and the purring starts. But why cats purr, anyway? Use it to take their joy expressed or has it to mean something else entirely? We explain the cat language and how the animals actually the sound erzeugen.Bekanntlich cats purr when they are happy and content, such as after a meal or when they are stroked. But in other situations, they produce the sound, for example when they are afraid, are stressed or in pain. The cat researcher Dr. Mircea Pfleiderer believes that cats want to reassure in negative situations possibly yourself or want to signal to others: “I will not hurt you, you do me nothing.” Proved this thesis, according to the science magazine “What’s what?” Although not yet in a the researchers agree: Purrs the cat, then it is voted peacefully. In an aggressive mood cats seem namely not to purr, but only if they are satisfied or intimidated, but even if they want to act soothingly.

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From October’s virtual reality of Sony

From October’s virtual reality of Sony
Two years ago, Sony has unveiled its Gamer Glasses Playstation VR. Now the company has revealed at the Game Developers Conference (GDC) in San Francisco as the third major producer price and sale date for the Virtual Reality gadget: The glasses will cost 399 euros and will be available from October 2016!
With the Playstation VR player should be able to immerse themselves in 3D worlds much more directly than in the past. The device is cheaper than competing devices; the Oculus Rift will cost 700 euros, the HTC Vive 800 Euro. The glasses also does not need a 1000 Euro-PC, but only the Playstation 4 (Price: 350 Euro) for the operation.
The headset will come without Playstation camera that once cost 50 euros. And the Move controller (30 per euro) are obliged to buy votes. However, Sony announced that it would bring complete packages with all accessories on the market. What this will cost is not yet known.

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Windows complain 10

In Internet forums, many users of the automatic installation of Windows complain 10. The forced upgrade can only remain difficult. How can this happen? And how can it be turned off?

Photo show: To turn off the upgrade to Windows 10
Microsoft proscriptive users: Windows 10 now comes as an automatic update
Penetrante Microsoft Advertising: freeware tool stops annoying Windows 10 Update
Last weekend thousands of users of Windows 7 and have 8.1 amazed by its own account, as the computer suddenly carried out a restart and began with the installation of Windows 10th The upgrade is meant to be voluntary, it requires the user’s consent. However, Microsoft has explained in early February by an optional recommended to a Windows Update. Since then there were all the users default loaded on the computer, allow the automatic updates from Windows.

Now many users complain on Twitter and Reddit that her PC was automatically initiated the upgrade process, even though they had the not previously consented nor afterwards. Even the editors of were such cases geschildert.Windows 10 lets users no choice

In many other users the automatic upgrade is likely to be imminent. They were displayed by it said, the computer would be updated in a few days according to their own reports, a window.

Users have here the choice is between “Install Now” and “Update Tonight” or “Select time”. Who clicks on one of the switches, must agree to the terms for the new operating system. The only way to get rid of the insistent invitation without an upgrade, initially leads through the close button, the red “x” in the upper right corner.
To turn off the upgrade to Windows 10 from

Who does not want a Windows 10, should adjust Windows Update so that only critical updates (and not recommended by Microsoft packages) are automatically downloaded and installed. Proceed as follows:

Open Control Panel on the computer
Select the “System and Security”
select “Windows Update”
“Change Settings” button
“Recommended Updates” “provide recommended updates the same way as critical updates” tick the box
Restart the computer.
we show the individual steps you also in our photo show “To turn off the upgrade to Windows 10 from”. Still safer from an automatic upgrade to Windows 10, you are, if you specify that Windows Update search the patches, but to download and install only after confirmation. In this case, always select only the updates that are recognized by Microsoft as a security update.

Allow the upgrade window disappear

To regain peace on the desktop, as well as the patch must be KB 3035583 deleted. Proceed as follows:

Open Control Panel on the computer
Under “Programs”, “Uninstall a program” to select item
“View Installed Updates” select
it displays a list, there select the appropriate update with the number 3035583 KB
“Uninstall” button and thus remove the update
Restart the computer.
Instead of removing the patch by hand, you can alternatively access the freeware tool “GWX Control Panel”. In addition to the patch, it disposed of the update package and returns the memory it uses free. The tool is free and can be downloaded from the manufacturer’s Ultimate Outsider page.

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The reason: tomatoes, fresh out in this country in trade, often require long transport routes behind. To survive this without being mushy, they are often harvested prematurely. Canned tomatoes against it only come to full maturity in the packaging. They are then processed immediately and so lose hardly beneficial ingredients, as it helps in fresh tomatoes with the time unavoidably ist.Längere maturation period to more healthy ingredients

Longer maturation period processed to canned tomato fruits can increasingly make so-called phytochemicals, such as lycopene, which is responsible for the red color of the fruit, and also reduces the risk of cancer and the body’s cells strengthens.

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Orchids need care

Orchids need care – this includes that you repot the plant every two to three years. What needs to be observed and what is important for the care of pretty plants, click here.

repot The right time for orchids

Orchids should German orchid farms (VDOB) every two to three years will be repotted in order to exchange the substrate and to provide the plants more space According to the association. The best time for repotting is the spring or the autumn.
Make sure that you replant your orchids if they do not bloom – the plants need all their energy for rooting. The permanently blooming phalaenopsis orchid remove previously the withered stalks by cut above the neck.

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