From October’s virtual reality of Sony

From October’s virtual reality of Sony
Two years ago, Sony has unveiled its Gamer Glasses Playstation VR. Now the company has revealed at the Game Developers Conference (GDC) in San Francisco as the third major producer price and sale date for the Virtual Reality gadget: The glasses will cost 399 euros and will be available from October 2016!
With the Playstation VR player should be able to immerse themselves in 3D worlds much more directly than in the past. The device is cheaper than competing devices; the Oculus Rift will cost 700 euros, the HTC Vive 800 Euro. The glasses also does not need a 1000 Euro-PC, but only the Playstation 4 (Price: 350 Euro) for the operation.
The headset will come without Playstation camera that once cost 50 euros. And the Move controller (30 per euro) are obliged to buy votes. However, Sony announced that it would bring complete packages with all accessories on the market. What this will cost is not yet known.

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Windows complain 10

In Internet forums, many users of the automatic installation of Windows complain 10. The forced upgrade can only remain difficult. How can this happen? And how can it be turned off?

Photo show: To turn off the upgrade to Windows 10
Microsoft proscriptive users: Windows 10 now comes as an automatic update
Penetrante Microsoft Advertising: freeware tool stops annoying Windows 10 Update
Last weekend thousands of users of Windows 7 and have 8.1 amazed by its own account, as the computer suddenly carried out a restart and began with the installation of Windows 10th The upgrade is meant to be voluntary, it requires the user’s consent. However, Microsoft has explained in early February by an optional recommended to a Windows Update. Since then there were all the users default loaded on the computer, allow the automatic updates from Windows.

Now many users complain on Twitter and Reddit that her PC was automatically initiated the upgrade process, even though they had the not previously consented nor afterwards. Even the editors of were such cases geschildert.Windows 10 lets users no choice

In many other users the automatic upgrade is likely to be imminent. They were displayed by it said, the computer would be updated in a few days according to their own reports, a window.

Users have here the choice is between “Install Now” and “Update Tonight” or “Select time”. Who clicks on one of the switches, must agree to the terms for the new operating system. The only way to get rid of the insistent invitation without an upgrade, initially leads through the close button, the red “x” in the upper right corner.
To turn off the upgrade to Windows 10 from

Who does not want a Windows 10, should adjust Windows Update so that only critical updates (and not recommended by Microsoft packages) are automatically downloaded and installed. Proceed as follows:

Open Control Panel on the computer
Select the “System and Security”
select “Windows Update”
“Change Settings” button
“Recommended Updates” “provide recommended updates the same way as critical updates” tick the box
Restart the computer.
we show the individual steps you also in our photo show “To turn off the upgrade to Windows 10 from”. Still safer from an automatic upgrade to Windows 10, you are, if you specify that Windows Update search the patches, but to download and install only after confirmation. In this case, always select only the updates that are recognized by Microsoft as a security update.

Allow the upgrade window disappear

To regain peace on the desktop, as well as the patch must be KB 3035583 deleted. Proceed as follows:

Open Control Panel on the computer
Under “Programs”, “Uninstall a program” to select item
“View Installed Updates” select
it displays a list, there select the appropriate update with the number 3035583 KB
“Uninstall” button and thus remove the update
Restart the computer.
Instead of removing the patch by hand, you can alternatively access the freeware tool “GWX Control Panel”. In addition to the patch, it disposed of the update package and returns the memory it uses free. The tool is free and can be downloaded from the manufacturer’s Ultimate Outsider page.

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The brutal crash CeBIT

The Minister of Economy and the Chancellor were at CeBIT, so the highlights of this year’s CeBIT are quickly told.
Otherwise, none: no real innovation, not unprecedented. The former trade fair for the computer industry is a mere shadow of itself.
Year after year, you can look at this tragedy with – but most viewers remain the same at home. CeBIT has become matter. No comparison to the 90s!
CeBIT has also become a memorial – because the CeBIT runs digital development just exactly behind as Germany itself.

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