Why are these gates called a section?

Sectional doors were invented in Europe 40 years ago. Since then, they have attracted the attention of users all over the world. The sectional doors also have a stable demand both from retailers and private individuals. These gates have already become a familiar element of urban landscapes. The sectional garage door is divided into garage and industry by appointment. Both can be ordered from the company.

What is the sectional door?

The name is explained by its design – they consist of sections that are connected by grinding. These sections consist of light sandwich panels. A sandwich panels have excellent operating characteristics: they are stable precipitation, temperature gradients, provide a reliable protection from mechanical damage, have low thermal conductivity.

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universal shoes

Low boot with steady heel – it’s an absolute hit every woman’s wardrobe. Your potential is unlimited: Wear with jeans but also with the dress. An additional benefit is the low season, so they can go on themselves and fall and spring and summer even cool evenings.

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Double Award for Valtra: “Golden Tractor for the Design 2016” and “Machine of the Year”

The 23 independent automotive journalists from all over Europe have selected the N-series of 17 candidates. “A modern, dynamic, compact and cool design” was the rationale for the selection of the jury. The Golden Tractor for Design is an international award which is awarded annually among all candidates of the other three categories of the “Tractor of the year”.

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The secret of bananas

The question of why the banana is crooked, you have probably heard many times. Here are explanations like that there are people that turn the fruits of the jungle crooked or EU standard for the curvature of bananas into the realm of fabrications. Find out the real reason for the curvature.

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The reason: tomatoes, fresh out in this country in trade, often require long transport routes behind. To survive this without being mushy, they are often harvested prematurely. Canned tomatoes against it only come to full maturity in the packaging. They are then processed immediately and so lose hardly beneficial ingredients, as it helps in fresh tomatoes with the time unavoidably ist.Längere maturation period to more healthy ingredients

Longer maturation period processed to canned tomato fruits can increasingly make so-called phytochemicals, such as lycopene, which is responsible for the red color of the fruit, and also reduces the risk of cancer and the body’s cells strengthens.

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Orchids need care

Orchids need care – this includes that you repot the plant every two to three years. What needs to be observed and what is important for the care of pretty plants, click here.

repot The right time for orchids

Orchids should German orchid farms (VDOB) every two to three years will be repotted in order to exchange the substrate and to provide the plants more space According to the association. The best time for repotting is the spring or the autumn.
Make sure that you replant your orchids if they do not bloom – the plants need all their energy for rooting. The permanently blooming phalaenopsis orchid remove previously the withered stalks by cut above the neck.

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