Intelligent materials and new cars

The main feature of this car of the future is directly connected to the electric connection: the car will be connected and it will be possible for the user to interact with their car remotely. The connected car will also be able to help a driver to better manage traffic information or to anticipate risky situations. The intelligent car will not only be connected but will be able to interact in the “smart” with the pilot: Tesla Model S on, for example, it starts when the driver is ready without having to enter any key.

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Office furniture – one of the most important parts of a home

We all know that a ideal home office is not missing a stately, placed prominently in the work chamber. What is really important is the type of furniture part. Whether it is an office furniture simple in neutral shades, whether we are talking about furniture in colors imposing, whether it is a colorful furniture for children, it must be chosen with great care so that it fits the personality of each comparator in part.

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Connected Home

Warns How intelligent technology to prevent unauthorized access or fire

Who protect themselves from uninvited guests or want to be warned of fire or gas leakage in time, may have recourse to intelligent building technology nowadays. We present the various options.

Connected Home The connected home will make living more comfortable and safer
Smart Home and Smartphone: The networked home is the focus of the IFA 2014
The protection of their own four walls is done in smart home, especially through various sensors. Because there is a hand motion that detect when someone moves in the rooms, so it is already broken successfully. There are also glass break detectors and door and window contacts. Sign when a door or window is opened, so if someone tries to enter.

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Self-powered houses

While the smart home, so the networked home is not yet very widespread in Germany, a whole district is built in Japan already, which may call “smart”. It consists of houses, solar cells, sensors, electronic cars and Internet-enabled appliances. Built and operated, this 420 billion expensive city by Japanese conglomerate Panasonic.

As night Email: IP cameras make monitoring easy
The city is to be sustainable for at least the next 100 years and was end of November 2014. officially opened, however, is being built until 2018. Covering an area of ​​190,000 square meters formed in 1000 flats, mainly detached houses, which will provide space for 3,000 residents. Built is the district of 420,000 inhabitants major coastal city Fujisawa 50 kilometers southwest of Tokyo.

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