Can I cool myself in the heat by drinking a hot drink?

On a hot, sunny day, is there nothing better than a glass of cold water? No matter how it is. Some argue that to cool the body on a hot day it is better to drink … hot tea. Can this absurd at first sight be true?

It is logical to assume that if you drink a glass of cold water, the liquid that has entered the body will lower its temperature, bringing a person a temporary respite in the fight against heat. But will this step become meaningless: after all, does the body cool naturally in a natural way through the sweat-fighting system?

Employees of the University of Ottawa, interested in this matter, on a hot summer day decided to conduct an experiment involving several volunteers. It was found that even a small amount of drunk hot water significantly increases sweating, which contributes to a faster cooling of the body without significantly increasing the internal temperature. This is due to the fact that in the tongue and in the throat there are receptors that react to thermal stimuli, causing sweating.

But in addition to drinking a hot drink in the heat is quite unpleasant, as unpleasant and experiencing increased sweating, the full effect of cooling from a hot beverage can be felt only after the evaporation of the moisture that has appeared on the skin. It should be remembered that if the street is wet, if you already have sweat or if you have wet clothes on it, then a hot drink will only raise the body temperature.

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