In cars, for this purpose, the fuel and air mixture is made

To ignite a fire and cause it to continue to burn, you have to have two elements: inflammable material and oxygen. In cars, for this purpose, the fuel and air mixture is passed through the suction valve. In order to obtain optimum combustion, the amount of blend must be calculated with maximum precision. The air in this case is sucked and collected directly from the environment. Through the manifold located in the suction section, it reaches the combustion chamber. The air intake takes place until the butterfly valve is closed. Until the introduction of the control unit, the butterfly valve was directly operated by the accelerator pedal.

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Brake cylinder from our shop

All braking systems using air or liquids for the distribution of the respective strength are equipped with a piston which has the function of transferring materials. In this regard, there are always two cylinders working simultaneously. The first, called the master cylinder of the brake, is activated by pressing the corresponding pedal, the vehicle starts to curve or pull a lever. This applies to the brake system, the servo steering, the parking brake and the clutch. In the case of the braking system, immediately after the cylinders apriceppi is actuated, it transfers the final force on the pulleys of the braking device.

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Intelligent materials and new cars

The main feature of this car of the future is directly connected to the electric connection: the car will be connected and it will be possible for the user to interact with their car remotely. The connected car will also be able to help a driver to better manage traffic information or to anticipate risky situations. The intelligent car will not only be connected but will be able to interact in the “smart” with the pilot: Tesla Model S on, for example, it starts when the driver is ready without having to enter any key.

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Flooring planks Malo

Parquet board is considered the best invention of the course of construction of the world. This is due to the fact that there is an incredible combination of hard and soft woods relative, making it possible to maintain the necessary flexibility.
parquet Board

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How to choose clothes for your home

Now there is an entire industrial industry that produces clothes for the house. Therefore, it is absolutely unforgivable at home to put on a worn out robe or shabby sports pants with a faded T-shirt. What is the sale of home clothes and how to choose it?

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Matrix notebook wholesale and retail

The main parts of the notebook, which are responsible for displaying images on the user are inverter and matrix screen that works by controllers, circuits and decoders. A part of the above-described system may be damaged, and then need to buy a die or laptop screen. The reason may be mechanical damage to the display, the ingress of water into the matrix or technical failure associated with wear, low quality components or a combination of environmental factors.

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